Vopsirea electrostatic presupune folosirea unei pulberi fine care curge printr-un mecanism de pulverizare, aderă electrostatic la substrat, pe urmă este întărită în cuptoare de încălzire pentru a putea forma un înveliș de vopsea.

Instalatia este dotata cu doua statii de vopsire si cuptor de polimerizare care

are o lungime de 4000 mm, latime de 1200 mm si o inaltime de 2100 mm

The entire system is mounted on a closed conveyor circuit

Electrostatic field painting is a manufacturing process that uses charged particles to paint a piece of particles more efficiently. The powder or atomized liquid paint is initially designed for a conductive workpiece using normal spraying methods and is then accelerated to the workpiece with a strong electrostatic charge.

A plus to the electrostatic coating process is the immersion of the conductive part in a paint tank which is then electrostatically charged. The ionic bond of the paint with the metal creates the paint layer, in which its thickness is directly proportional to the duration in which the parts are left in the tank.

After the parts are removed from the paint tank, they are rinsed to remove any residual paint that is not ionically bonded, leaving a thin film of electrostatically bonded paint on the surface of the part.